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  • Dystopian, cyberpunk art by SImon Lejeune
  • Sci-fi ballpoint pen artwork by Haedre
  • Post-apocalyptic comic and art by SImon Lejeune
  • Watercolor painted unborn cell. Art of Simon Lejeune.
  • Dystopian illustration by SImon Lejeune
  • narcosis records art, ballpoint pen illustration for record album cover
  • narcosis records, siamese heads, simon lejeune art, vonkor lab, hadre
  • narcosis records, siamese heads, simon lejeune art, vonkor lab, hadre
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Welcome to Haedre, a cybernet interface for the artistic works of Simon Lejeune. You can follow my social networks Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Steemit for daily (and less daily) updates. Bienvenue sur Haedre, une interface virtuelle pour les travaux artistiques de Simon Lejeune. Vous pouvez aussi suivre au quotidien mes activités sur les réseaux sociaux tels que Facebook, TwitterInstagram et Steemit.

Nostr ostrichTime for some new stuff from the internet!

Many of us are fed up with the model of current social networks. As much as I find them akin to a sort of hive mind that is allowing us to share ideas through the world and without I wouldn't have the supportive community I benefit from, we're all aware of the derives of their centralized nature and that we're handlng them private data, all the while being subject to their whim. It was about time for a real alternative, not just another website nor a new app but ... a protocol! So, a base layer on top of which "clients" (apps) can be built. Unlike anything you've seen so far, nothing on Nostr will ask you for a email or a phone number and making you go through a registration process. Instead, the client generates you a private key (consider it like a masterpassword, to never, ever loose) and a public key (which is like a public identity you share), which is a very fast process. But above all, Nostr is censorship resistant; what you post there isn't under the control of any entity. If you're displeased with the client, just move to another one, all your contacts, posts and messages will come with you

You can find me there: npub1jxxfrm09u49zsu0mk7a9kzxwh2e5h4yuxh2dhenpek42nrlspknq7ahy9s

You can zap me, tip me, send me btc over Lightning with https://getalby.com/p/haedre

Here are some good ressources to start:






On top, Nostr seamessly integrates Bitcoin's Lightning network, allowing you to easily transfer value to anyone you want, instantly and for virtually no fee. This is unleashing a whole new type of economy we're calling "Value for Value", which obsoletes the current, tiring ad paying model based on the amount of clicks, incenitivzing for click bait low quality content. Value For Value, let's free exchanges taking place directly between creators and consumers, without any third party sticking their nose in the middle and lets humans choose what they find valuable. 

So, give it a test, just hop on any of the clients ( https://iris.to/ , https://snort.social/ , https://damus.io/ ... ).
Let it generate you a key (or use a Lightning extention such as  https://getalby.com/  ) and you're set!

Ah, and don't forget to follow me, here's my public key: npub1jxxfrm09u49zsu0mk7a9kzxwh2e5h4yuxh2dhenpek42nrlspknq7ahy9s