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Collectible and unique digital art (NFT)




Unique digital art?

Yes, using Blockchain technology* or more specificaly an NFT (Non Fungible Token), it is possible to acquire a digital file that, upon purchase, you'll be given the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial purposes only. Since you will own this unique copy, you can also re-sell the creation on a secondary market. 



A few months ago, Makersplace contacted me and proposed me to be in some of the first artists to beneficiate from this new form of digital sales. I was curious so I did say yes. I still find the concept quite weird and I don't fully grasp it myself but after all there wasn't much to loose in there, just some time to upload images.

And I did sell on there! So, let's see how the future becomes.



This is where it is happening: https://makersplace.com/store/haedre/

If you are an artist and interested  to try, contact me and I'll get you in, since at the moment it is still on "invite only".


*A blockchain is a publicly accessible online ledger (database), that is not owned by any central authority. Once anything is set in this ledger, it also cannot be modified or censored by any single authority.